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Treatment for alcoholism

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A new tool for the treatment of alcoholism! Alkozeron a capsule that permanently prevent an overwhelming desire to drink.

It is important to know! Croatia - a country with Alkozeron for sale only on the official website. Price* manufacturer, - Kn 287.

You can buy capsules in Bol, the order form must enter the name and phone number. The manager will contact You soon to answer questions on payment and delivery, specify the delivery terms and other details.

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Treatment for alcoholism Alkozeron capsule to quickly get rid of the addiction and return to normal life!

It is important to know! Croatia - a country, which in recent years cases have been found to buy the fakes for half the price. So be careful. Buy original capsules Alkozeron In croatia you can only order through the official website. Leave your request on the website via the order form, specifying the name and telephone number, waiting for the call Manager for more information.

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How to order delivery Bol

Order Alkozeron Bol leave the application on our website. After confirm the order, and after a few days* to pay for the goods, when you get the mail to the nearest post office.

The exact delivery costs depend on distance to the city, does not include the cost of the capsules, for an additional fee delivery.

* Bol - will be shipped within 2-3 working days.

User reviews Alkozeron in Bol

  • Luka
    Tried different methods and products. Or not print at all, or the effect quickly passed, after a week of starting to drink again as before. With alkozeron all is different. Because these capsules have been sober for eight months! I'm sorry, I didn't know before, that there is such a powerful tool at such an affordable price.