How to quit drinking for a woman

There are many women who are sure that if you drink a little beer or a glass or two of wine to relax after a hard day in the evening, nothing terrible will happen. Alcohol use alone does not hurt, but if the "relaxation" in the evening is repeated often, it gradually becomes a category of habits and addiction develops. Everything happens imperceptibly, and one day a woman discovers that her skin condition has worsened, that circles have formed under her eyes, and that it is impossible to deal with the irritation without a dose of alcohol.

How to stop drinking on your own

Women are about twice as likely as men to be addicted to alcohol and find it harder to quit. In general, alcohol withdrawal occurs against the background of various stresses:

  • detection of a serious illness;
  • pregnancy (desire to give birth to a healthy child);
  • the need to take care of your loved ones (parents, husband, children).

The woman then mobilizes all her will to correct the situation and "forgets" the need for daily alcohol consumption. If there is no strong stimulus from the outside and the hand usually reaches for the bottle in the evening, it is important to understand your problem and decide to give up alcohol forever.

drunk woman at the table

How to force yourself

First of all, you need to determine the cause of alcohol cravings. This can lead to painful self-doubt, daily problems, misunderstandings of loved ones, and more. Identifying the trigger is an important step. If the cause is not eliminated, motivation may weaken in the future.

If it is difficult to find the causes alone, then you should seek the help of a psychologist. At the same time, you need to think about what you will lose if you continue to drink. Most likely, the list will include:

  • career;
  • respect for children and husband;
  • beauty and health.

The motive can be anything. It is very important that you want to maintain the success that already exists.

Once the decision is made and priorities are set, the most difficult part begins. To cope with the habit, you need to force yourself to learn to live without alcohol on a daily basis. It will be difficult, because for the first time without alcohol, nervousness, mood swings and sleep problems can occur because the body is already accustomed to taking daily doses. There are a few difficult steps you can take to overcome your addiction:

  • Set a rejection date. You can decide to stop drinking tomorrow morning, but most of those who make such a decision decide not to drink in the evening and postpone it to the next day. It is better to choose a certain date and set yourself up to succeed in advance.
  • Understand that rejection is not a victim. Alcohol destroys the brain and does great damage to a woman's beauty. There is nothing a woman can lose by stopping drinking.
  • Remove all alcohol from the house. You do not need to justify yourself that there will be alcohol in case of guests. If the bottle is "in his hand", then the temptation to drink stronger. Guests can drink tea with cake or biscuits.
  • Find an activity that suits your taste. An evening without alcohol will look boring and boring if you do not focus on other interests. It can be anything: walk, knit, play sports. The main thing is that the lesson is attractive, it forces you to forget about alcohol.

After preparation, take a decisive step into a sober life. At first it will be very difficult and I will have to act in a "I do not want" way, but gradually the desire for alcohol will decrease and soon the woman will learn to enjoy walks, delicious food, creativity, communication with family and friends.

What to do

Evaluate your strength enough to get started. If it seems that it will not work to eliminate the painful cravings, or attempts to give up alcohol caused another accident, then it is better to consult a doctor. There is nothing embarrassing about visiting a narcologist, and you can be treated in an outpatient setting and anonymously. Maybe your doctor will prescribe pills or drops that reduce the craving for alcohol to maintain willpower:

  • Disulfiram. The drug inhibits the production of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, an enzyme necessary for the breakdown of ethanol and increases the concentration of acetaldehyde by 5-10 times. As a result, instead of enjoying drinking, a woman will experience an unpleasant heat flow to the face and scalp, palpitations, nausea and vomiting.
  • Cyanide. Drops are available. Like previous agents, acetaldehyde blocks the effects of dehydrogenase. Along with alcohol, it causes nausea, shortness of breath and increased heart rate.

Medications are prescribed for a woman to have a negative attitude towards alcohol. In addition, the narcologist recommends taking vitamins and hepatoprotectors to support liver function.

Drugs that promote alcoholism cannot be taken without a doctor's prescription. It has many side effects and can cause irreparable damage if used incorrectly. At home, you can drink decoctions that have a similar effect:

  • wormwood and thyme mixed in equal proportions;
  • ram.

But you must take vitamins. They will strengthen the body and have antioxidant effects, help reduce the effects of alcohol intoxication. It will also be useful to take a course of Karsil - a plant hepatoprotector that will improve liver function.

But it is more important to pay attention to the psychological attitude and firmly believe in success. This will help:

  • A list of fun things to do to fill the evening without spending time on an activity or drink to suit your taste.
  • A sober social circle. You should avoid companies where you should drink first, it is better to be with your friends who like to relax by talking over a cup of tea or coffee.
  • Small entertainment. Many women have become accustomed to giving up sweets for fear of spoiling their image. But a slice of cake or ice cream, along with alcoholic beverages, will also help reduce stress and do less harm to health.
  • An expression of self-love. Previously, manicures, body scrubs and bath salts seemed to be an unattainable luxury. Then it is worth calculating how much is spent on drinks. Many? Then it is worth spending this money to please yourself instead of alcohol.

Medications and home remedies will help, but only as additional help. The key to success in quitting alcohol is your attitude. Self-love, new interests, and sober friends can help you overcome addiction.

Work extra on yourself

The situation worsens in the first 2-3 days. Irritability, negative perception of reality, constant internal tension, poor sleep - these are some of the symptoms that a woman should endure after stopping alcohol. But you have to establish that giving up alcohol is a manifestation of a great will, and even if you do not drink soon, everything will be fine.

By giving up alcohol altogether, poor health will be almost completely restored, and the risk of diseases such as stroke, liver cirrhosis, oncology, and dementia will be reduced.


After three days, the decay products of ethanol are completely removed from the body. Although alcoholism still persists, overall well-being is improving:

  • During the week. Full sleep will be restored and digestion will improve. In some women, nausea due to persistent intoxication may appear for a short time, but is mild.
  • Two weeks later. Often, dizziness and headaches disappear, blood pressure normalizes, and tachycardia stops worrying. The woman begins to feel strength and increased mental abilities again.
  • A month later. Alcohol toxins are completely cleared from the brain tissue, the emotional background is normalized and vitality is increased. Around this time, the liver begins to function fully, clearing the blood of toxins and improving the absorption of fats. Ladies will be able to see a gradual decrease in the layer of fat in the abdomen and thighs, despite the occasional intake of "forbidden" sweets.
  • In a year. A beautiful, cheerful and energetic woman.


Wrinkles, unhealthy skin, circles under the eyes - a woman who drinks can not hide these flaws, even with the help of bright makeup. But soon after giving up alcohol, positive changes will appear. Within seven days, a healthy glow will appear and the skin will gradually begin to gain elasticity.

In about a month, the characteristic circles under the eyes will disappear and the wrinkles caused by alcohol abuse will be partially corrected.

When a woman quits drinking, she gradually regains the energy and beauty she lost. Be sociable and cheerful.

A woman can stop drinking on her own only in the first stage of alcoholism, when ethanol tolerance is newly formed and only psychological desires need to be eliminated.

the woman covers her face with her hands

In the second and subsequent stages, only a few who have a strong will or a strong motivation are able to "bind" with alcohol. Most of the fair half will need the help of a psychologist and a narcologist.